2023 Candidates for SLSD School Board

Paul Deebel is a 14-year resident of Southern Lehigh. Paul and his wife Ellen are the parents of two children in Southern Lehigh, a senior and a 7th grader. Ellen works at Hopewell Elementary as a cafeteria monitor, instructional assistant and as substitute teacher,

After graduating Bucknell University with a degree in Chemical Engineering, Paul has worked in various roles in the Aerospace and Defense industry, the last 15 years as a sales manager for TE Connectivity. Paul’s skills in finding solutions for his customers and negotiating contracts with government agencies and contractors will lend well to the position of School Director as he understands the need to listen to and consider the needs of all stakeholders – parents, students, teachers, and the taxpayers. Paul’s situation as a parent of current students, a spouse of an employee working with students, and as a taxpayer allows him to interpret issues that come before the board from many angles. Paul is ready to take on the challenges of School Director and is to represent the Southern Lehigh community in an open and transparent manner.

Lance Tittle is a former Auditor and Board Chairman for Lower Milford Township. After serving his country for six years in the United States Air Force 912 Tactical Airlift Group, Lance earned his Bachelor Degree in Business Administration specializing in accounting and industrial relations. Along with his late wife Linda, Lance is the father of two daughters who have blessed him with four grandchildren.

Lance was a founding partner and President of Fabricated Alloy Products, Inc. in East Greenville, and spent 48 years working in the metalworking industry. Lance retired in 2013 for care for his wife, who passed in 2017 of Alzheimer Disease. Lance is a member of UCC Church in Lower Milford. Lance is active in a number of community organizations and served in a leadership role as Treasurer of Perkiomen Valley Trout Unlimited.

Danelle Roy served her country in the United States Army for 14 years. Along with her husband Bill, a Navy veteran, she is the proud mother of three sons, two of which followed their parents’ lead in serving in the military.

Danelle is currently employed by St. Luke’s University Health Network as a Technical Coordinator for Chemistry at the Anderson Campus. Danelle’s diverse work experience including writing network procedures, training students and other personnel, performing competency assessments, establishing quality control measures, and troubleshooting will lend well to dealing with the challenges presented to a School Director. Danelle is an organized and focused individual with high moral and ethical standards. She believes in performance improvement and fiscal responsibility.Danelle understands that schools need to be a safe place for all children. No one group should be placed over or under another, all should work together, be treated equally and with respect. Parents have the right to know what their children are being taught. The school district needs to be vigilant and prudent in spending the money it collects from taxpayers, and avoid unnecessary tax increases in such a time as this when many are struggling.

James Pica has made Southern Lehigh his home since starting third grade at Liberty Bell Elementary. James and his wife Kelly have been married for 17 years, and have two children, Caleb in 6th grade and Kendra in 5th grade, attending Southern Lehigh currently. James has a Bachelor’s Degree in Athletic Training and Sports Medicine from East Stroudsburg University. After graduation, James worked as a custom metal worker for twelve years until he was severely injured on the job.

Thanks to James’s educational and work background, he is a practical and objective problem solver. He values honesty and transparency, which are vital traits for those elected to be School Director. As a School Director, James knows that fiscal responsibility, the protection of family rights, and educational excellence are all equally important. Increasing taxes should be the last resort, and James pledges to do what is needed to balance the budget. Parents have the right to know what and how their children are being taught. Parents need to be a part of all conversations in the school involving their kid’s mental and physical well-being. Children need to be protected from harmful ideologies such as CRT, SEL, and DEI. Locker rooms and bathrooms need to be safe spaces for all students. Class sizes need to be limited to ensure teachers and students are able to learn in a way that best utilizes the gifts that each possess.

Due to the withdrawal of Dr. Maria Schantz, the Republican ticket had one vacancy to fill. After much consideration, I decided to place my name in the mix to be the Republican replacement. After a vote by the Southern Lehigh Committee, I am pleased to announce that I was unanimously named to be the Republican candidate.

I am a long time district resident and a small business owner. I have been deeply involved in supporting our community in a number of capacities over the years, working in each case to make our community the best it can be. I have multiple children in the district and have attended over 90% of school board meetings over the past several years. I know the district and I know the issues. While I will run with the republican slate of “Putting Families First” candidates, the community has my commitment, first and foremost, that I will listen to viewpoints that differ from my own, weigh the available evidence fairly, and make decisions that I believe will best serve our district. You have my commitment that excellence in education, fiscal responsibility, and transparency, with respect to what the district is doing and why, are at the very top of my list of priorities.

I look forward to sharing more with you and meeting with many of you in the coming months.

Doug Durham