This document was sent to the Southern Lehigh Grassroots from a concerned community

Bingo was a success!  We had such a fun time with so many members of our community who came out to support our endorsed candidates!  

Corn Hole Tournament Was a Success!


We want to thank everyone for coming out to our Corn Hole tournament supporting our mission to elect the slate of candidates that are Putting Families First!  All of our candidates were in attendance, as well as many other supporters.  


Not only did we raise money for our efforts, but we all had a lot of fun playing and competing with our friends and neighbors.  


Please join us for our next event, BINGO!  Support Stone Farm Cellars while meeting our candidates and hopefully taking home a Bingo prize!  

News and Events

We are happy to announce the official endorsement of the Five Candidates Putting Families First by PA State Repressentative Jarrett Coleman!  

We were happy to have the support of several Representatives at our Meet and Greet for the True Republican candidates who are Putting Families First!  Ryan and Milou Mackenzie, and Jarreett Coleman!  All spoke to the importance of our local elections and electing people who hold our conservative Republican values.  That is why Jarrett Coleman has endorsed the Putting Families First slate of candidates.  

Contact us for a yard sign to spread the word!   Your endorsement means a lot to your neighbors.  Use the Contact form above.  

Dont' be fooled by Democrats who cross file in School Board elections, or those who are running who changed their Party designation for this primary to obtain the Republican vote!  ALL FIVE of our endorsed candidates are endorsed by the Lehigh County Republican Committee!