Because we believe in Truth and Transparency, we asked our endorsed candidates to share their values and commit to doing what is within their power, as members of the Southern Lehigh School Board, to act on these values so that our community's children can grow and prosper.  

Parental Rights

We believe that parents and guardians are and should be the primary sources of the social, emotional, psychological and physical well-being of their children.   They should not fear that a public education will serve to indoctrinate their students into partisan and divisive ways of thinking about our country, themselves, or any particular social or political issue.


We reject woke politics and demand political neutrality in the classroom.    We believe in the right of parents and students to maintain their faith based beliefs, a belief in human biological differences, as well as to express their feelings regarding their safety and privacy, free of discrimination. 


*Read the commitment letter below for further details. 

Academic Excellence

We believe that Parents and Guardians entrust their children to our schools for the limited purpose of instruction in core academic subjects and to be taught the skills and habits necessary to be successful academically.  


We want to focus first and foremost on advancing academic excellence in SLSD Schools.


*Read the commitment letter below for further details.



Our taxpayers include citizens that don't have children in our schools, or that are retired and are on fixed incomes.  Our school board, therefore has a duty to ensure that tax dollars are spent prudently.  


Our community includes people of many different views from various backrounds.  Those views should be respected.  We support the adoption of a Neutrality Policy to avoid the appearance that the district or its employees support any particular political or social viewpoint. 


*Read the commitment letter below for further details.



Candidates should begin with Transparency in the election process, which is why we feel the commitment letter shows that our candidates value transparency.  


School Board members are the directly elected representatives of our community, and as such are expected to do the essential job of setting policy and making key decisions and to build and maintain trust they must do so in a transparent manner.  


We believe parents have a right to know what is being taught to their children, and transparency in curriculum is essential. 


*Read the commitment letter below for further details.

My Commitment to the SLSD Community